Design of ePoster & Upload

Design of the ePoster | Poster upload

Design of the ePoster
In order for your ePoster to be displayed correctly please note the following:
Please submit your posters in PDF format only. Multi-page posters are possible. The following requirements must be met so that the content can be displayed unaltered:
- PDF-Format (A0 - Portrait)
- No interactive content
- No forms
- No videos 
- No navigation
- No blend mode
- No patterns and gradients
- No ICC colour profiles
- As vector document
- Primarily only text, images (only embedded as JPEG, GIF or PNG), tables, lists
- All pages have the same format and size
- All fonts fully embedded
- No protected fonts
- No double pages
- No encryption or password protection
- The document is saved as a PDF/A file format

Poster upload
Please upload your poster to the congress website at least 10 days before the meeting
by Sunday, 09.06.2024 at the latest. To do so, log-in with your user account, go to >View submitted paper/sessions and click on the >Actions button to upload your PDF poster file.

The poster must be uploaded using the same account which was used for the abstract submission!

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